Dear Diana,
I met this girl two months ago at a friend's birthday bash. We clicked and have stayed in touch. I'm outgoing in nature and quite talkative. I keep telling her personal stuff apart from what is currently in the news. But I have now realised that she goes around telling everyone whatever I tell her. I find it strange as I do not go around telling everyone what she tells me. It is irritating to find out from others whatever I have told her. Some common pals have warned me that she is not trustworthy enough. I am interested in her, but this behaviour of hers is irritating. She keeps focusing on my inadequacies. I may be rattling off stuff, but I do not expect her to go and tell everyone whatever I tell her. I find it strange. How do I knock sense into her head?
— Warren


Dear Warren,
If your girl continues to behave like this, you really need to do a rethink about the relationship. She can't go around blurting out whatever you tell her. You then have every right to be upset with her behaviour. You may be outgoing and telling her stuff, but that does not mean she should go around revealing every tidbit to the world. If you are telling her about your personal life, you better be cautious. You never know when she will go around spilling the beans. At the same time, you need to tell her to put a full stop to her behaviour. You have to explain to her that you are telling her stuff in confidence. You do not tell others about her, similarly she should also refrain from doing so. A relationship is based on trust. You can't trust her so you will have to regain the confidence in her. If she refuses to change, it is better you go your way.