'I don't want her to marry someone else...'

Dear Diana,
It's been two years since I have known this girl. She has become my best friend now and we share everything. This friendship, however, will end the day she ties the knot. I cannot say if this is love, but I just want to preserve this friendship by marrying her. Now the main problem is to broach the topic of marriage and how she will react. I am 26 and she is 24.
— Ashwin

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Ashwin,
Two years is a long time to gauge her reaction. I am sure she too has similar feelings, but does not know how to tell you. You two don't know how to express your feelings for each other. You are 26 and not a teenager with a crush. If you are interested in her, tell her about how you feel about her. Chances are that she is waiting for you to say it. Time you took your relationship to the next level.

Dear Diana,
I want to get rid of my online friend. No, not in a physical way. Just that she is getting on my nerves. I thought we were good friends who chatted everyday. Looks like she has fallen for me and is making my life uncomfortable by asking whether my parents will accept her! I'm like, “When did this happen?” At the same time, I'm wondering when exactly did I give out vibes that I'm in love with her. I don't wish to be rude because we go back at least seven months and were best of friends.
— Sahil

Dear Sahil,
All this time you were chatting with her and it was okay, but when she tried to get familiar with you, you want to discard her. You seemed to be chatting with her for mere time pass while she seemed to be genuinely interested in you. It appears that you were looking for some fun and she mistook your advances for love, so now you need to tell her the truth.

Diana will solve it!
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