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May 09, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I am 30 and single. I work for a multinational and travel extensively. My parents have been after me for the last two years to get married. I had fallen for this guy when I was 23.

It was a shortlived romance as suddenly one day he started avoiding me. He then told me he did not want me in his life. He just dumped me. I was shattered. I am still not able to overcome it.

I did not have the feelings I had for him with any other guy all these years. I still long for him. Now my parents are forcing me to get married and are lining up prospective suitors at the doorstep.

I have been telling them no, but they are in no mood to listen. How do I tell them that I am not interested in marriage? They do not have a clue about my brief romance. I don’t think I can ever forget this guy I was in love with.

- Ishaani

Illustrations/Amit Bandre
Illustrations/Amit Bandre

Dear Ishaani,
The guy you fell for was your first love and you have been unable to get over him all these years. You are 30 and mature enough to take your decisions.

No one can force you to get married. Your family is unaware of your affair, so you can’t blame them when they ask you why there is no guy in your life. You have to make an effort to move on.

It has been years since this guy dumped you. So why are you still mourning his loss? He did not deserve your love and went his way. You are still clinging on to your past. It is time you move on.

Keep an open mind, who knows when you might meet someone? Tell your family you will marry when you find the right person. They can do their bit of groom hunting, but ultimately it is you who has to decide who your life partner will be.

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