I don't think George Clooney will ever marry, says sister

Zeidler, who lives in Augusta County, Kentucky, close to her parents, and works in payroll and accounting, said that she doubted that her brother will ever marry.

George Clooney
George Clooney. Pic/Santa Banta

“No, I would say he probably will not get married. If I had to guess I would have to say ‘no’,” she said. “I know everyone says ‘Well, Warren Beatty said he’d never get married and then he met Annette Bening.’ But you know that’s the only example people can think of, so it doesn’t bode too well,” she said.

She said that she didn’t attend the ‘Ocean Eleven’ star’s first wedding to Talia Balsam, as she had no idea that he had gotten married. “No, I didn’t go. I was not aware he was married until after he was married,” she said.

She also confessed that she doesn’t have Clooney’s phone number as she is afraid that she will lose it and the siblings communicate through e-mails.   “I do not have his phone number because I wouldn’t want to have it in my phone and then lose my phone,” she said.

“He can phone me and he does occasionally, but the email is more convenient for both of us,” she added.  Zeidler also said that Clooney always sends her children birthday and Christmas presents. 

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