'I don't feel like getting married...'

Dear Diana,
I am 31 and single. I never fell in love with anyone, even though there was a guy with whom I had got physical once when I was 22. It was shortlived and I was too naive. Now my parents are forcing me to get married and are lining up prospective suitors at the doorstep. I have been telling them no, but they are in no mood to listen.
— Aarti

Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Aarti,
No one can force you to get married. You are 31 and mature enough to take your decisions. Keep an open mind, who knows when you might meet someone. Tell your family you will marry when you find the right person. They can do their bit of groom hunting, but ultimately it is you who will say a yes or no.

Dear Diana,
I am fond of a guy at my workplace. We work in a travel agency, so often tour together. He is married with a kid. I am single. He is a great guy, but I get the feeling that he is with me to satisfy his sexual urges. Whenever he is with me, what's topmost of his mind is to get physical. When I say no, he gets angry. I then have to beg him to talk to me again. I know there is no future with him and that he is using me. Still, I miss him when he is not around. How do I tell him to talk to me and care for me rather than only think of getting physical with me?
— Anjoree

Dear Anjoree,
He is sexually attracted towards you. May be he is caught in a loveless marriage, so he just wants you. He demands and you give in, but remember one day he is going to dump you. He is married and indulging in an extra-marital affair. You are single and you can find someone who respects you. You should stop giving into this guy, because it will mess up your as well as well as his. It will also create havoc in your professional lives.

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