I don't think stars want to work with me: Shagufta Rafique

Aug 20, 2014, 08:38 IST | IANS

Writer Shagufta Rafique, who is now all set to make her debut as a director, says she has been looking for the right star cast for her debut project but the stars are not interested in working with her.

Shagufta Rafique
Shagufta Rafique

"It's been a while now that I have been looking for a star cast. I went to a couple of stars with my script and they are not interested," Shagufta, who scripted hits like "Raaz 2" and "Murder 2" told IANS.

"Their mindset is different. I don't think stars want to work with me. I am looking for semi-established stars. I don't want to run behind people. I want to work with people who are interested in working with me," added the writer who started her journey as a bar dancer and then moved on to scriptwriting.

Tentatively titled "Rose", Shagufta's debut film will be produced by Pooja Bhatt and will go on the floors by October.

"My film is male oriented, It's an action thriller and both the actor and actress have to be fit as there are a lot of action scenes in it. I am beginning my career with violence," she said.

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