I felt younger doing action sequences in 'Matru...' : Pankaj Kapur

"As an actor you are supposed to do some kind of action in case it is required. I remember this sequence where I was pulled up by a wire 100 ft above the ground. This was my first time that I was hung with a wire and I was a bit scared.

Pankaj Kapur

But I must say it was a very beautiful experience looking down at everybody from a height," the 58-year-old said here at a promotional press conference of the film, which is releasing Friday.

"Then next day Vishal told me with a simple face that you have to go inside the water in very cold conditions. But I had a blast doing it. I felt very good and I felt younger than I am," he added.

Pankaj has teamed up with Imran Khan, Anushka Sharmam and Shabana Azmi in "Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola".

Not just action, he also got to shake a leg in the film, something he confesses he has never done before.

"It has been years since I actually danced and when he asked me to dance in the film, I was a bit concerned because I had not done it. But with rehearsals and persuasion from him and my co-actors, especially the assistants, worked very hard to make us look the way we look while we are dancing," Pankaj said. 

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