Dear Diana,
I am very forgetful in nature. I keep losing stuff because of this. I have lost three mobile phones as I could not recall if they were stolen or where I had left them. I can't remember what I was doing last week, but I can remember things from a decade ago. I often forget where I keep my things and stuff like that. I have lost bags, watches and other stuff due to this habit. At home, no one takes me seriously. They know that I might just mess up. They tell me it is all due to leading a disorganised life. I am 23, but already suffering from memory lapses. The other day I forgot this girl's name. I know she likes me, but she was taken aback when I asked her what her name was. I just could not remember her name at all. I completely forgot another friend's name. I had to ask someone else his name.
— Navdeep

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Navdeep,
People in old age suffer from dementia when they experience difficulty recalling recent events. At times, memory loss becomes so severe that a person may not recognise family members. But you are only 23 and are experiencing such signs. First, you need to decipher whether all this is happening because of your carelessness and sloppiness. You thrive on being disorderly and keep losing stuff which you gloat about. The fact that you have lost three mobile phones should be a cause of worry. Also, you need some order in your disorganised life. Jot down things and maintain a diary. This will help you remember things you have to do. You need to take control of your life. If you then still have issues, seek medical opinion. Dementia usually strikes in old age, but in your case it could be due to other possible causes, so a doctor can put all your fears to rest and provide you with proper treatment.