'I fought with my girlfriend...'

Dear Diana,
I had a showdown with my girlfriend a few days ago. We were together for two years. We squabbled over a silly issue — whether to take off for the weekend to Khandala or not. It became an ego clash with both of us sticking to our grounds. She felt due to the traffic snarls on the expressway we should give it a skip. I felt she was being a spoilsport as we have to live with traffic every single day of our lives. We argued, fought and then just stormed off. It has been three weeks since we have spoken to each other. My girlfriend felt I was trying to be highhanded. I am coming to terms with life without her, but at the same time I miss her a lot. I have tried calling her and sending her SMSes, but she has not been responding. What should I do? Just let things remain as it is and go my way? Or should I tell common friends to mediate? Some of my pals have suggested that I enjoy my freedom from being tied in a relationship. I am confused. Should I be happy or sad?
— Rushabh


Dear Rushabh,
It looks like the two of you are hotheaded and are always on collision course. You acted in haste and now are regretting at leisure. Instead of storming off, you could have treaded a middle path. You could have suggested a place closer where you would not have to tackle traffic snarls — perhaps a midway destination. Your girlfriend is not responding as she is still angry about what has happened. Instead of listening to your pals, listen to your heart. If you want her to be back in your life, you will have to control your temper and swallow your pride. If you find this difficult, then let things remain as they are for a while. If she is missing you, she might try to connect with you. Let things cool down before you take any drastic step and decide to go your way.

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