Klum, 39, who is a judge on the designer talent hunt show, said she does not find the process of eliminating people difficult as she always feels she is 'fair' towards them.

Heidi Klum. Pic/Santa Banta

"I always go with my gut feeling, and I'm always fair. I root for the person who I believe is the best. I don't really go by character, you know. If someone talks to me in a certain way or cries, that doesn't sway me.

I'm very cut-and-dry; I go by who I think is the best designer," she said. Klum works with designer Michael Kors on the show and she said she enjoys his vivacious use of words.

"He paints a picture with his words. Like he would say, 'This sweater looks like a wildcat ripped it up and then threw it in the washing machine 50 times' or, 'That looks like a genie's wee-wee pad diaper."