Social networking sites are not just about exchanging views, it is also providing opportunities for youngsters and Agra boy Prateek Pandey is one of them - he got his first acting break in "Pathik" through Facebook.

"It was through the Facebook platform that I got noticed and eventually clinched this role. One hopes that 'Pathik' would be a trendsetting film," Prathik, who was in Gwalior for the three-day inaugural shoot, told IANS.

"Pathik" is a sci-fi film being directed by Harsh Vardhan Vyas and combines elements of mythology and technological gadgetry.

Prateek said the director is putting a lot of emphasis on special effects and graphics and this could possibly put the film a notch higher than others in same genre.

Prateek plays an archaeology student who, during his research, comes across a century-old locket which has a strange connection with his past life.

"If the film clicks, as it should because of its fascinating and innovative approach, I am sure to go places," said Prateek, who is also into theatre and modelling.