'I had a fling with a married woman at my workplace...'

Jul 10, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
Though married, I fell for a woman at my workplace. She was married too. Initially, we never spoke to each other. But over time, we started chatting. I always liked her even when I did not know her. I was attracted to her from the day she joined office. From just saying a hello, we began talking during lunch and tea breaks in the office canteen. Often, we would step out for lunch. Then we started going home together. One thing led to another and we ended up getting physical in my car. She then went on a guilt trip. She stopped talking to me and even changed her job after a few months. I, too, was full of guilt for having gone astray. She made me promise that I would not tell anyone about our shortlived romance. I have not told my wife about it, nor will I, but I still cannot forget this woman.
— Maneesh

Dear Maneesh,
The woman has walked away from your life, so it is better that you consider her as a closed chapter of your life. The two of you got carried away and, as in most such situations, things may have happened at the spur of the moment. She was full of remorse and guilt — the reason she quit her job as well. You two may have been in love, but you’ll knew fully well that it would get both of you no where. You two were indulging in an extramarital affair. You say no one knows about your fling and you will never tell your wife about it, so let it remain in the past. There is no point pining for her still. Things could have got worse had she not walked away. It would have destroyed your professional and personal life as well as of hers. It is something you will have to live with alone. Over time, you will forget her. Meanwhile, keep all thoughts about her at bay.

Diana will solve it!

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