'I had a one-night stand...'

Dear Diana,
Six months ago, I met this woman while on office work in Kolkata. I have been travelling from Mumbai to Kolkata at least twice a month for a project. During my last trip, one thing led to another and we ended up in bed together. Now that I'm back in Mumbai, I'm experiencing phases of guilt as I have cheated on my wife. Should I tell her about my one-night stand? Or should I just keep quiet and act as if nothing happened? I really do not know how she will take it. We have been married for two years. It was an arranged marriage and she is quiet and docile. When I see her, I feel I have betrayed her. At the same time, I do not know how she will deal with what I tell her. Things have come to such a stage that when I am with her, I see the other woman. How do I get this Kolkata woman out of my head? I have already told my office that I can no longer travel to Kolkata as my project is done.
— Aniket

Dear Aniket,
It is good that you do not need to travel to Kolkata and your project is done. You have betrayed your wife. It is easy to say that during one weak moment, you got carried away. What if she had been sleeping around with a guy? How would you have reacted to it? Before you tell her what happened that night, think twice. It all depends on how mature your wife is. Will she be able to handle the truth? If you think it will ruin your life and hers, it is better to keep mum. It appears that things happened in the heat of the moment and both of you got carried away. Do not stay in touch with this other woman and blank out the episode from your memory. Next time do not fall a prey to those weak moments. You only have yourself to blame for what you have done.

Diana will solve it!
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