'I have a crush on my girlfriend's best buddy...'

Aug 14, 2014, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I'm 25 and my girlfriend is 24. We've been together for eight months now. I have now developed a massive crush on her best friend. I thought I would get over it, but I was mistaken. Turns out she too has a thing for me. She recently sent me a message asking me whether I'm happy with my girlfriend. I think I have fallen for her.
— Humair


Dear Humair,
You have a roving eye and you can't decide who you want to be with. Clear your muddled mind before you take a decision as you are caught in a tricky situation. On one side is your girlfriend and the other her best buddy. She is sure to blow up when she realises what you two were up to behind her back. You will lose her while she will lose her best buddy forever. Once you have decided, you will have to be honest and speak your mind.

Dear Diana,
I'm 48 and my daughter is 20. I feel my daughter will do anything to stay away from home and it really hurts me. She would rather stay at a friend's place day and night instead of spending time with me. I don't say no, but it's destroying me. She's our only child and she is behaving this way because of a recent episode where we caught her SMSing love messages to a boy in her college. After this, she has become more rebellious and prefers to be away from home.
— Kamiya

Dear Kamiya,
Your daughter is 20 — an adult with a mind of her own. She might be rebellious because you intruded on her privacy and caught her while she was flirting with a guy in college. At her age, it is but natural that she might be attracted to someone. Instead of snooping on her and eavesdropping on her calls, talk to her as a friend and find out what is going on in her mind.

Diana will solve it!
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