I have fallen for a married man...

Jun 09, 2015, 07:41 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I have fallen in love with this guy in my neighbourhood. We live in the same housing complex. He is married with a seven-year-old child. He tells me he is in an unhappy marriage. I visit him at his place when his wife and kid are away. Sometimes he comes home when my family is away. I am single and work part time at a coaching class. We get along like a house on fire. If we cannot meet, we keep talking to each other on the phone whenever possible. I’ve never felt like this before with any other man. We are having a physical relationship, but I am scared to even think what will happen when his wife and other neighbours find out about our affair. So far we have not been caught, but I know one day we will. I have told him to tell his wife, but he does not know how to tell her. Is he in love with me or is he just using me for sex?
- Gargi


Dear Gargi,
He is having an extra-marital affair and the day you get caught redhanded with him, all hell will break loose. It will not only affect his family, but even yours and it will be humiliating to even live in the same society. It may be love for you, but I have serious doubts about what is going on in his mind. It appears that he is with you only to satisfy his sexual desires. If he was serious about you, he would have told his wife. What is stopping him from ending his unhappy marriage? From the looks of it, he is with you till the going is good. The day he gets bored of you, he will dump you. He might be showering you with attention and you are loving it. You may be thinking of a future with him, but remember he has a family. If you think he is serious about you, he needs to be honest with his wife. Give him an ultimatum to decide. Meanwhile, being a good neighbour is fine, but you are crossing the line with him which is sure to create havoc in your lives. Wary of this guy.

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