'I have fallen for my best friend's husband...'

Dear Diana,
I have developed strong feelings for my pal's husband. I met him during a Holi party recently. We hit it off the moment we met. It was love at first sight for me. While playing with the colours, we just let ourselves go. I am also married. I just cannot help but think of him. We have been in touch ever since the event. I was well aware that he was flirting with me during the Holi event. He now says that he would not do anything that may risk his life and my friendship with his wife. I don't want that for him or myself either. But for me the feelings for him don't seem to be fading. Should I shut him out of my life?
— Kadambari

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Kadambari,
You are playing with fire and get ready to be scorched. He is your buddy's husband so you will ruin your friendship with her forever. You may be attracted to him, but he has not fallen for you. He has made it clear by telling you that he would not do anything that would prove detrimental to him and his family. His bit of merrymaking keeping in mind the festivities made you feel that he was also attracted to you. Remember this will create havoc in his marital life as well as your life and your friendship with his wife. He has already guessed that you have developed feelings for him. So if you speak to him, it will be easier to seek closure and get going on in your life. He appears mature enough and he will help you overcome it. Otherwise you will keep pining for him. It is better that the Holi party remains in your past and you shut him out of your life.

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