'I have fallen for my guy's office colleague...'

Dear Diana,
My boyfriend and I have been together for two years. Last month, a new guy joined his office. My boyfriend has been spending a lot of time with him after office too. As he is from Chennai and new to Mumbai, my guy has been helping him find accommodation to making him familiar with the city. From the first time I met him, I felt attracted to this new office colleague. I do not know if it is a mere infatuation or a genuine liking, but I keep thinking about him. Now I even doubt if I love my guy or not. I don't know how he'll take it if I tell him the truth. I find this new guy charming and witty. I am comfortable with him and I think he, too, feels the same. The other day I accompanied him for grocery shopping. I feel I am now in love with him. How do I tell my guy my dilemma?
— Mandira


Dear Mandira,
This new guy seems to have floored you with his charm and wit. You are attracted to him because he is giving you attention. As he does not know anyone else in Mumbai, except the guys at his workplace, he is being nice to you. Chances are you are mixing his friendship for love. Avoid getting into any trouble by keeping your distance from this new friend. Also, you don't know if he likes you too. Your boyfriend is helping him familiarise himself with the city, but you are on a different trip. If your guy finds out, he will be seething in anger and devastated. You'd do best to exercise restraint even if this new guy displays his affections for you. If you want to break up with your guy, think hard before taking such a drastic step as you barely know this Mr Chennai. Perhaps your relationship has become a bit rusty and needs to be put back on track. Work on building the relationship and bring the romance back.

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