Dear Diana,
I'm 29 and have been living in with my girlfriend. She's 30. We hail from Delhi and have been staying together ever since we came to Mumbai for better job prospects. About a month ago, I met someone interesting on Facebook. We chat all day. She has been giving me a lot of hints that she likes me and is interested in me. I think I'm falling in love with her. What do I tell my live-in partner?
— Yuvan


Dear Yuvan,
You meet someone on social media and fall head over heels in love with her. You have not even met her yet, so you don't even know whether whatever she has said is the truth. You seem to have got carried away by the chats. You surely know that all hell will break loose when your girlfriend gets to know about your online affair. First, meet this woman before taking any decision. Once you have met her then take a call and choose between the two women in your life.

Dear Diana,
I caught my husband with another woman at my house redhanded. Though he apologised, behind my back, I feel he's still continuing with that woman. What are my options? How should I go about this situation? I've gone through more than enough grief after two miscarriages. I feel I am caught in a misery trap. I am constantly worrying what he is up to next?
— Maitali

Dear Maitali,
If your husband is genuinely sorry and apologised for what he did, it is up to you now whether to accept his apology. If you feel he has made amends and you are ready to accept him, give the relationship another shot. If you think he will go astray, then you need to do a rethink about the relationship. Constant worrying and stress is also playing havoc with your health. As for your medical issues, you need to consult a gynaecologist.