'I have fallen for my sister's guy...'

Dear Diana,
I like my sister's boyfriend. She is unaware about our relationship. We often hang out together, the real reason being that he wants me to be with him. He tells me that he is not interested in my sister, but does not know how to tell her that he is not interested. He feels she will be terribly hurt if he told her. Things have come to such a point now that he is willing to leave my sister for me. I do not know what to do. He is afraid of telling her the truth as he does not want to create a rift between us two. I care for my sister and do not want to hurt her, but he keeps telling me he is happier with me than my sister. She is elder to me by four years. How do I get over this dilemma?
— Saiyara

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Saiyara,
You have got a real problem on your hand and this guy is not man enough to tell the truth to your sister. He is using you, so get the hint — this man is spineless and cannot be trusted. Put yourself in your sister's shoes. How would you feel if she did similar to your guy? Wait for a while and see how it goes with them. She's your sister forever. This man may or may not be a part of your life. From the looks of it, he has a wavering mind and can't decide for himself. He has to take a stand and tell her what's on his mind. Why does he want you to do the talking? If your sister finds out the truth, she'll be terribly hurt and scarred for the rest of her life. You are ruining yours and your sister's life. So think hard before you take any rash step. It is highly likely that this man seems to be taking both of you on a ride, so be wary of him. He has to be honest and forthright. He can't be with your sister, what makes you think he will be there for you?

Diana will solve it!
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