Dear Diana,
I'm 21 and I'm in love with a boy from our college. We saw each other for the first time in the chemistry lab. It was love at first sight. It took me a lot of courage to talk to him. However, he hasn't accepted my friend request yet. It's been more than two weeks since we've been conversing on a daily basis. It's weird to acknowledge the fact that although we meet and talk to each other daily, he is not accepting my friend request on Facebook.
— Nivedita

Illustration: Amit Bandre
Illustration: Amit Bandre 

Dear Nivedita,
Do not jump to conclusions, chances are that he may not be active on social media and may have not seen your request. As long as he is cordial to you in the real world, why do you want to be acknowleged in the virtual world. Also, what has stopped you from asking him whether he has logged on to Facebook and received your request. Why don't you take the initiative and ask him instead?