Dear Diana,
I'm a 29 year-old guy who initially got fired by his boss and then dumped by his girlfriend. After days of lonely introspection, I think I've got no one else to blame except me. My temper always landed me in trouble but this time around, the problem is beyond my control -- both financially as well as emotionally. I sometimes feel suicidal for being such a fool. But I'm trying my best to change my ways. I don't even get angry anymore. But she won't budge and has refused to even talk. I wish I could get back what I once had. 
- Furhan

Dear Furhan,
I am glad that you have realised that it is your temper that is the cause of your miseries -- both professional and personal. Anger management is something you need to do ASAP. Hollering and screaming serves no purpose nor will it solve the problems in your life. It appears that your girl is in no mood to forgive you, so you need to make amends and prove your worth again. Give her time to do a rethink about the relationship. Meanwhile, look for a new job and begin work in earnest. And the next time you feel anger coming your way, stop in your tracks and breathe. Remember you have already lost a job and your girl, you can't afford to lose anything else.