I have my good and bad foodie days: Tisca Chopra

“I have my good and bad foodie days,” says Tisca in a philosophical tone to CS who caught up with the talented actor at a weekend brunch in town:

Who: Tisca Chopra
What: On her foodie habits

Healthy eating
Well, I like good food but I do exercise some moderation. Most of the days, I am a healthy eater. You won’t find me straying from my diet too often. But there are some days when I just have to indulge myself. And no amount of restraint works that time. I love chaat. I enjoy bhelpuri, sevpuri, panipuri, etc. Food wise, chaat items are my biggest weakness. I like cheesecakes too. Every week I treat myself to one piece of cheesecake.

High on Thai
My favourite cuisine is Thai. I love the spicy and tangy taste of Thai dishes. Whether it’s the salads, curries or appetizers, Thai cuisine has something for any taste bud. I have also learnt a few Thai dishes that I prepare at home.

What’s cooking?
I am blessed with a fabulous cook at home. Touch wood. I don’t like making the usual rice, dal, roti, etc, and prefer more exotic stuff. I can make some really good soups, salads and baked dishes. My friends love my lotus stem dish that’s accompanied with fruit sauce. I also prepare baked chicken or fish.

Monsoon meter
Though the idea of fried snacks in monsoons is tempting, I have learned to control myself. Nowadays, I indulge in small snacks like bits of Lavash bread, cucumber or carrot sticks dipped in yogurt. If I want something more filling then it’s an egg or salad sandwich.

Romantic meal
My husband Sanjay is a pilot. Sometimes, I travel with him just to eat at a particular place. There is this restaurant called Rosa Mexicana in New York. I remember once travelling with Sanjay to NYC just to eat at that place. It was one heck of a food trip.

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