'I have planned a surprise for her...'

Dear Diana,
The girl I like, has agreed to spend time with me on Valentine's Day. I did not have the courage to ask her, but earlier this week I told her. To my surprise, she agreed. We have decided to go for dinner to a fancy place followed by a movie. The only hitch is her elder brother. He keeps tabs on her movement and I hope he does not land up at the restaurant. In the past, whenever we have hung out together, he has always landed up sooner or later at the place. As soon as she spots him, she wants to leave with him. This upsets me a great deal and I do not know what to tell her brother. How do I ensure that her brother does not hover around where we are? She is scared of him as he goes and reports her movements at home.
— Nilesh

Dear Diana

Dear Nilesh
She has agreed to be your Valentine, so ensure that nothing goes wrong on the day. Firstly, tell her you want to surprise her, so there is no need to tell her where you are taking her. If she does not know, she will not tell her brother her whereabouts. Just tell her you will be taking her for a drive and will stop by for a bite somewhere. She seems interested in you, so it is time she told her family that she is serious about you. At the same time, she is not hiding anything from them, so there is no need for her folk to keep tabs on her and you. Do not let her brother's presence mar the evening. Make it an evening to remember and do not forget to surprise her at the end with a nice gift when you are dropping her home.

Diana will solve it!
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