I hurt myself with meltdown: Charlie Sheen

Sheen, who is making a comeback with forthcoming show 'Anger Management', believes that it was easy for him to return to the show business because his behaviour was not that bad.

Charlie Sheen

"It's not just about making comebacks, because you can attempt those, but you have to be allowed to be back in, also... and I think, on some level, I think the business needs a guy like me, to juxtapose everything else.

"I just don't feel like I've done anything that was that bad. I was hurting myself, mostly... So I wasn't begging to be let back into the party covered in somebody else's blood," he said.

Despite of his crazy behaviour, Sheen feels that his fans have stuck by him because he always recognises and admits his faults. "I think they recognise a guy that has foundationally, a position of truth and integrity and honesty," he said, adding that he acknowledged his "blunders" and was ready to learn and move on.

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