'I keep falling in and out of love...'

Dear Diana,
I am obsessed with guys, especially the tall dark handsome types. May be I have read a lot of romance novels, but I find myself falling for a guy quickly.

Dear Diana
Illustration/Amit Bandre

At the same time, I also quickly lose interest in him. As a result, I am always in and out of relationships. I am 26 and currently seeing this guy who I met through common pals. However, within a month, I’ve already started losing interest in him. Now I am looking for another hottie to come my way. Someone who really knows how to make me feel good. My current boyfriend is aware of the situation and I know he will walk out on me soon. He tells me that at the rate I am going I will never be able to be in a serious relationship as I can’t stick to one man at a time. He has told me to stop oscillating from one man to another and take control of my life. But I am finding it difficult. What do I do?
— Reyna

Dear Reyna,
It’s true that at the rate you are going, you will not be able to stick to one man at a time. This is because you are not serious about your relationships. You are in and out of it just for kicks. You are 26 and no longer a lovestruck teenager. Look at your age group people around – most of them may be in a relationship, but do not yo yo from one man to another. The people you’re falling in love with, you feel are not the types for commitment and marriage. So then you need to only be friends with them. There is no need to be in a relationship with every man you meet. You may be having fun till it lasts, but you get bored easily and want to break away even more faster and easily. It is time you grew up and decided what type of guy you are looking for. Accordingly, when you find such a person, I suggest stick to him and stop your heart from wandering again.



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