Dear Diana,
I am a middle-aged businessman who has a fascination for toe-rings and painted nails. Whenever I see a woman with toe-rings or wearing rings on her fingers, I feel like clicking a snap. The same situation applies to even painted nails.Though I haven't got caught yet, I can barely help myself from capturing the moment on  my cell phone. I don't harbour any evil intentions but my friends have warned me that I might be suffering from a psychological disorder. My defence is I'm not harming anyone by taking a photograph of something I find beautiful. 
- Abeer

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Abeer,
I can understand that you are appreciating beauty but the fetish is indeed peculiar. Why would any guy go about clicking women's toes and fingers on the streets? This behaviour would definitely appear crazy. Thank heavens you have not been at the receiving end of a tight slap from one of the women you clicked. Unless you are a photographer and planning an exhibition of such thematic snapshots, it is okay. But you need to take permission of the person concerned to shoot her. Or you could get in touch with a modelling agency and get models (with toe ring and nail varnish) to pose for you. You can then click to your heart's content. But just random clicking on the road will lead you to be labelled as a pervert. So tread with care!