'I like him, but my friends are against him...'

Dear Diana,
There is this guy in our group of friends who I am attracted to. We talk a lot and I am quite comfortable with him. Last month, he asked me out, but I said no. I don't want to rush into anything so I told him that, at the moment, he is a special friend. We continued to talk, but recently there was a fall out in our group. Now he happens to be in the other group. No one from our side now talks to anyone from that camp. As I haven't been talking to him, I now realise how much I miss him. To my surprise, however, he sent me a text message and we began talking again. We keep in touch, but are afraid to meet because if any of our group members see us, there will be another division. I like him a lot, but am afraid of what my friends might think. How do I resolve this dilemma?
— Ginny

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Ginny,
You are in a sticky situation indeed. On the one side is your love and the other your dear pals. It is impossible to choose without offending anyone. Try to strike a reconciliation between the two groups with the help of this guy. Try to get one more member of your group to talk to him. It will be difficult, but you will have to try if the two groups can forgive and forget. If you think this is not happening, then you will have to tell your band of pals, about your feelings for this guy. Chances are that this will anger them, but if they are your genuine pals and really care for you, they will not be offended. Tread slowly and cautiously and try to win them over. There is nothing like being together again. If all this fails then you will have to choose between your love and friends which will be a tough proposition indeed.

Diana will solve it!
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