'I like my friend's mother...'

Dear Diana,
I'm 17 and I find my friend's mother hot. She's nice to me and offers me some amazing food whenever I visit their house. She looks quite young. I find her sexy and attractive. I know it sounds weird, but I feel like hugging her. Of late, I have been visiting my pal often just to be with his mother and sit next to her. As she is a cricket buff, we often watch matches together. Currently, I have been spending time with her watching the India-Australia matches. Often, even if my friend is not at home, I visit her. I do not think she finds anything amiss. I think I really like her. I really do not know what happens to me when she is around.
— Karanvir

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Karanvir,
It appears that you have a crush on her. At your age, it is common to have a crush on a person who is several years older to you. It could be a movie star, a pop singer or any celebrity. It could also be a teacher or someone in the neighbourhood. In your case, it is the friend's mother. I am sure you will outgrow this crush soon. You should be friendly with girls in your age group. Your pal's mother is being nice to you because you are her son's buddy. She treats you with good food as she is a gracious host who ensures that guests at her place are well looked after. So let things be as it is. There is no need to tell your friend or anyone else as it will ruin your relationship with your friend forever. Just be yourself and do not indulge in anything that will embarrass you or your pal.

Diana will solve it!
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