I'll never be as big as Jay Z: Pharrell Williams

Los Angeles: Singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams says he'll never be as successful as Jay Z and admits he was 'deluded' to think he could compete with him.

Pharrell Williams
Pharrell Williams

Williams thought he could compete with the “Holy Grail” rapper when he started releasing solo material, but he believes he was wrong and was trying to be someone he wasn't when he recorded his debut “In My Mind” in 2006.

"It was in my mind, but not in my heart. It was this caricature that I'd built in my mind, that fitted in with what Snoop and Jay were doing,” quoted Williams.

"Some of the things I said on that record, all the bragging, it's not necessary. It doesn't say anything about you, apart from how shallow you are,” he added.



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