'I'll protect my new baby from the media'

French First Lady Carla Bruni has vowed to shield her baby from the prying eyes of the media and does not want her newborn to be a publicity tool

Carla Bruni has pledged that no-one will ever see a picture of the child she is expecting with French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Despite being one of the most photographed woman in the world, the 43-year-old former supermodel and musician said she did not want her second child to become publicity tool.

French First Lady Carla Bruni who is expecting her first child
with Nicolas Sarkozy said she did not want to play to the gallery

"I will never show a photograph of this child and will never expose it," she  said in her first ever interview about her pregnancy.

The child, who will be the twice-divorced Sarkozy's fourth, is due in October and will be the first to be born to a serving president during the entire history of the Fifth Republic.

But Bruni said she did not want her child to go down the same route.

When she started going out with Sarkozy in late 2007, he was pictured carrying her first son, Aurelien now 11 on his shoulders on a holiday to Jordan.

Bruni said, "My eldest son was exposed once and not in a public situation but in a private situation and it was a great error.

I should never have taken my son to visit this magnificent site. I should have foreseen that there would be photographers there. I was careless."

Questioned in an interview she revealed why she had not spoken about her pregnancy so far.

"You don't have a child to play to the gallery and my position as the wife of  the head of state has made me even more defensive," said Bruni.

"I understand the media's interest and I don't see any inconvenience in it for  me or my husband, but when it concerns the children it is impossible."

Past lovers
Former supermodel Bruni has had several lovers in the past, which she has been honest about. Her past flames include English rock stars Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton. In 2008, she sang of her 30 lovers and compares Sarkozy to class
A drugs.

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