I lost her because of my anger

Dear Diana
I was seeing this girl for three years and broke up in June. We had been squabbling often which spelt the end of our relationship. We are poles apart. I flare up very soon while she is quiet and cool. This resulted in her actually getting scared of me! However, I made a conscious effort to change myself  and did succeed partially. But, it was too late. I have apologised for my irrational behaviour. Yet, she doesn't want to get back. I love this girl more than I can imagine and want her back. A few days ago, I approached her and told her we can still be friends. She was okay with it. But I want her to be my girlfriend. What should I do? How do I tell her that I am extremely apologetic about what I did and will ensure that it will not happen again.
- PM

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear PM,
You are alone to blame for the state of affairs. Everything was going right for you till you messed it all up. There's something called anger management. You say she would be literally scared of you. You seem to have that effect on her! Poor girl, have you ever wondered what she had to undergo? You instilled that fear for you but she still loved you. You need to realise what you have lost. She is still willing to be your friend that means she still loves you. Make her realise that you are a changed man. Start by being more caring and loving. And throw that anger of yours into the sea. Then only can there be calm in your life.

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