Dear Diana,
I was a silent admirer of a girl in my neighbourhood and loved her. Recently I expressed my feelings for her, but she said that she had only brotherly feelings for me. I wonder what made her say this. Perhaps because I am her brother's pal. I love her and want her to be the girl in my life.
— Yuvraj

Dear Yuvraj,
As she stays in your neighbourhood and you are friendly with her brother, she looks at you in the same manner. Perhaps that is the reason for her brotherly feelings for you. If you are really interested tell her exactly how you feel. May be it was an impromptu reply when you told her about your feelings. If you sit down and talk to her and make her realise your feelings, perhaps she can do a rethink about what she said.

Dear Diana,
I am 29 and recently met
this woman in Kolkata, with whom I was talking online
for the past eight months. We had a great time together, including a physical relationship. Later, she
revealed that she is in a broken marriage and has filed for divorce. I feel betrayed. I'm worried what my friends will think of me. After all, I was taken for a ride by her. Despite all this, she wants me to marry her once her divorce comes through. I'm in a dilemma now.
— Aryavir

Dear Aryavir,
This woman lied to you so the trust in the relationship has gone missing. You need to make it clear that you feel humiliated and cheated with her behaviour. You were a fool to give in to her demands when she was hiding such a big truth from you that she is married. You may have met online, but if you were frank with her, she too should have been. A relationship based on lies cannot work, so be wary of her.