'I'm 14 and madly in love with a classmate'

Apr 03, 2014, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I'm 14 years old and I fully realise that I'm too young to talk about love and relationships, but at the same time I am head over heels in love with a classmate. I liked him since he joined school in the fifth standard. We are now in the ninth standard. I just can't get over him. As I barely talk to him, I don't know whether he likes me, but I am crazy about him.
— Sanaaya


Dear Sanaaya,
You have known him since class five, but have not spoken to him yet. All these years you did not muster enough courage to even talk to him. As you are in the same class, there are several common subjects to talk about. At your age, what you are referring to as love is actually an attraction which can also be called crush. First, get to know him through common friends. Be his pal and hang out together. You find him attractive, but once you start talking to him, you will know him and perhaps have a different opinion of him.

Dear Diana,
My girlfriend has become lazy and boring. I have to literally force her to be lively and outgoing like she was earlier. I don't know whether we have a future together with the way things are going. I want to break up, but don't have the courage to break her heart. It seems that she is just taking me for granted and our relationship has lost its spark.
— Raahil

Dear Raahil,
Instead of blaming your girlfriend, what have you done to make the relationship lively? Find out why she is behaving in such a manner. There must be something bothering her. Probably your relationship has reached a plateau. Perhaps you don't communicate with each other often enough. Make her realise that your relationship seems to be going towards a dead end and needs to be back on track. Do your bit instead of resorting to a blame game.

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