'I'm attracted to my young neighbour...'

I’m 29 and got married six months ago. My wife is quite passive in bed. Interestingly, there is a young girl in the neighbourhood who I fancy. I told her about my plight and she called me over to her home. We got talking till late night and then one thing led to another in the heat of the moment. Now, I can’t forget this young girl. She is single and her folks are unaware of our secret liasion.
— Danish

Dear Diana
Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Danish,
You got carried away in the heat of the moment or you wanted it to happen? If you think your wife is passive, what stopped you from taking the lead? This nubile nymphet in your neighbourhood lured you and you were gullible enough to fall in her trap. Remember you are having an extramarital affair which will ruin three lives — your wife’s, yours and the neighbour’s. Steer clear from this youngster and instead, work on your marriage.

Diana will solve it!
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  • Akshay21-Jan-2014

    M 34 and my wife is 30. We both are married for 5 years. My Wife had sexual relationship before marriage but due to some family prob cudn't marry with her bf. After marriage she had some feelings for him. we fantasized about threesome. Now during a outdoor trip with friends his bf also came and they sneakd n had fun. Now during sex with me she complains tht i do not last longer than his bf. Isn' this not fair with me being so liberal allowed her to have fun and now she complains about me.

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