I'm confused about the choices I have made

Dear Diana,
I'm a housewife blessed with two lovely kids and an adoring husband. But lately, I'm having second thoughts about the choices I've made in life. Most of my female friends whom I meet on weekends are still unmarried and appear to be having the best of both life and career. I, on the contrary, quit my job long time back before my marriage for my family's sake. All of a sudden, I want to go back to work and earn and be financially independent but not at the cost of upsetting my beloved ones. I'm confused and morose. Any suggestions?
- Lata

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Lata,
Every woman goes through this dilemma of choosing between career and marriage. But you can have both too if you have support from your loved ones and balance out both your lives. As you have made your choice, you will have to be around for your kids. Being financially independent is important. For starters, you could try for a part-time job. Also, there is no point moaning about your fate. Tomorrow your friends will marry and have kids. By that time your tots would have grown up and you would have more free time. The cycle of life goes on.


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