'I'm drawn to strong characters'

Jennifer Lawrence reveals why she prefers certain roles and talks about her next film

After playing the supervillian Mystique in X-Men: First Class, Jennifer Lawrence will be seen saving the world in her next sci-fi. Last year, Jennifer was barely 20 and already running for the Oscars thanks to her performance in Winter's Bone. Since then, she has come a long way.

What attracted you to this character?
I'm always drawn to strong characters because I want to be like that. Here is a girl who has the whole world placed on her shoulders so she becomes modern Joan of Arc.

What kind of physical training did you have to go through for the role?
Running, archery, climbing, combat and yoga.

How useful was the book? Do you have all those first person thoughts going through your head?
It's an amazing thing to have my character's inner dialogue. It never happens.

You have had a chance to work with strong female directors like Debra Granik and Jodie Foster. How does Gary Ross stack up? What's his style?
Jodie Foster once told me I'd look back 20 years at my career and see a pattern and what it has to do with my life but now, I'm just like "I don't know." Gary communicates with every actor. I'm better off with technical stuff so he just told me what's right and wrong.


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