'I'm in love with him, but he is just using me'

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Q. I was in love with this guy for a very long time when we were both in college together. After we graduated, we went out for a month and had sex a few times at a hotel. He then dumped me saying he didn't think we were good together. He got in touch with me a few months later, saying we should give it another try, had sex once more and said it wasn't working out. Do you think I should try and get back with him? I have feelings for him, but I feel used.
A. Did you fall on your head when you were a child? The guy you say you are in love with is obviously using you. This may also explain why you feel used. Stop replying to his messages, unfriend him on Facebook, block him on WhatsApp and warn your friends about him so they don't get conned into a shallow relationship the way you did.

Q. I don't like the way my girlfriend looks on Facebook. She never uploads great pictures of herself, just selfies that don't flatter her at all. I have told her repeatedly not to, but she refuses. Her friends encourage this by liking her pictures. What can I do to make her change her mind?

A. It's her face, her selfies, her Facebook wall, her way of posing, her clothes, and her friends. I don't see how your opinion should matter at all. Maybe photographs on your own Facebook wall look awful and friends of yours like them out of pity. What her friends like or don't like is between them and your girlfriend. You need to respect her personal space, which, in 2016, means respecting her social media space too.

Q. Do I need to share my email password with my boyfriend? He says it will prove I trust him. If it's your personal email, the password shouldn't be any of his business now or ever in the future. Tell him to learn how to trust you without your password.
If it’s your personal email, the password shouldn’t be any of his business now or ever in the future. Tell him to learn how to trust you without your password.  

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