In a chat, Bhupathi made his intentions abundantly clear. “I would like to play with Rohan and no one else. I have told the AITA multiple times in several communiques about this. It beats me why they have come up with this decision,” said the exasperated doubles icon.┬áBhupathi stressed that his and Bopanna’s record this year is impeccable. They are currently the top ranked Indian pair in the world with a combined ranking of 26.

“We have a special camaraderie and we’ve built up good on-court chemistry. It makes no sense for me to play with Paes as we don’t speak to each other and have not played together since last year,” he added. “I have categorically stated that I wont play with Paes and if I compete in the Olympics it will be with Rohan as partner.”

Probed if he would take any action following AITA’s decision, an agitated Bhupathi said: “What can I do I am just a player? The AITA does what it pleases. The current French Open mixed doubles champion with Sania Mirza when asked if he’d play with her at the Olympics, then finally shot back: “Ask the AITA. I’m just a nobody.”