I'm relieved, says Anand

“Game one was a tense start. It was a long and tough match. The match was very intense, I am relieved. I was better for most part in the second game. It was a back and forth game. 

“The match was so even that I had no sense of what shape tie-break would take. Right now the only feeling to have is relief,” Anand told reporters after winning his third straight title at the renowned State Tretyakov Gallery.

Anand was addressing a post-match press conference after winning the title in rapid tie-break games against Boris Gelfand of Israel. Anand beat Gelfand 2.5-1.5 in the four-match tie breaker.  The tournament went into the tie-breaker after Anand and Gelfand drew the 12th game, Monday. 

They were tied 6-6 after the final round. Anand went ahead in the tie-breaker after winning the second game in 77 moves following a draw in the first. The first game ended in a draw in 33 moves.  The remaining two games ended in draws. 

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