I'm 27 and still haven't found a guy

Dear Diana,
Last week I celebrated my 27th birthday by taking my close friends out to lunch at a south Mumbai restaurant. They are all married or either about to be. What I mean is that they all have a man in their life. And I have no man in my life. Two years ago, I got friendly with a guy and just when I thought it was going well, I realised that he was a mamma's boy and had given his nod to a girl of his family's choice. I work in an ad agency and do meet  guys but nothing seems to work for me. Why can't I find someone to love? This upsets me greatly and I have already called it quits from the game.
- Manjusha

Illustration/ Jishu Dev Malakar

Dear Manjusha,
Gosh! You are making it sound as if there is something wrong with you and this is no game you have to play. You just need to meet the right guy, which will happen one day. Remember there is a time and place for everything. Instead of moping about your fate (when there is nothing to fret about actually!) focus on making yourself happy. At the same time do not take stress finding the right guy because your behaviour might be putting guys off as your attitude might be like you want to keep the first available guy for keeps! Remember only when you're not desperately seeking someone, you'll come across as a much more appealing prospect to your male friends.

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