'I'm trying to find love again after a broken marriage...'

Dear Diana,
I'm a divorcee in love with a guy who recently shifted to our neighbourhood. He is staying as a paying guest as his folks are based in Chennai. He is on an assignment in Mumbai for a year. We clicked from day one when he came knocking at our door to check on the domestic helps available in the area. We got talking and spent a lot of time together. My parents have also taken a liking for him. I have told him everything about my past and what went wrong in my marriage. He, however, is not too forthcoming. He says he comes from a typical Tamilian family and does not know how they would accept a Mumbai girl. He is not ready to tell his family about me and my divorce. If he has accepted me, why can't he reveal the truth? He wants me to hide stuff from his parents and refuses to even divulge their whereabouts in Chennai. I wonder why he is behaving in such a manner when he says he likes me?
— Shagun


Dear Shagun,
You should not trust this guy. If he really cares for you, why is he hiding stuff from his parents? You have been honest with him, but he is far from telling you the truth about his folks back home in Chennai. You are believing whatever he is saying which could be lies. He is alone in Mumbai and might be looking for some fun. For all you might know, he may be married. He is behaving odd, so it could lead to speculations about what he is up to. He needs to be frank and forthright with you. He may claim to like you, but is he serious about you? Hiding stuff won't get him anywhere as sooner or later, his folks will find out or someone will tell them. It is better that he reveals the truth himself. A relationship based on lies cannot be sustained for long. You need to sit down and have a frank talk with him. Tell him exactly how you feel and if he is still evasive, it is better you do a rethink about this guy and the relationship.

Diana will solve it!
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