'I met this guy on a flight...'

Dear Diana,
While travelling to New York from Mumbai recently, I met this guy on board the flight. He was sitting on the next seat. As we both were travelling alone, we got talking. Being a long-haul flight we kept chatting throughout the flight. By the time, the flight landed in NY, we had become good buddies. We exchanged our email IDs and Mumbai cell phone numbers. I was visiting my sister who resides there while he was visiting his brother who is settled in Boston. Now I am back in Mumbai, but this guy is stuck in my head. I was keen to send him an email, but detested from doing it. I did not want him to think that I was desperate. But to my surprise and joy, last week he dropped an email. He told me he was caught up with many things on his arrival in Mumbai, so could not drop in a line earlier. I replied to him and ever since we have been exchanging emails. Is this love? I do not believe that I found my guy on a flight and love bloomed thousands of feet above sea level. How do I take it forward now?
— Mansi

Illustration/Uday MohiteIllustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Mansi,
You never know where, when and how you will find someone. But at the same time, go slow as you do not know what is on his mind. The fact that he remembered you and sent an email is a sign that he might just be interested in you. Keep the conversation flowing. You may be keen to meet him, but let him make the first move. He is also going slow as he wants to be sure about your feelings for him. Also, remember you were with him for those hours during a flight, so you do not know his real self. So get to know him before you think of planning a future together. Your next move could be a meeting at a coffee shop, but go slow let him invite you first. From the way things are going, it looks like a meeting is possible.

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