Says Nira Davar, whose upcoming exhibition revolves around women and her own feelings

Canvas, or rather what is on canvas, can often be soul stirring. Images linger in one's mind long after the canvas is removed from view. This is one such thing that you can experience this weekend with Nira Davar's artworks.

A painting by Nira showing a seated figure on a sofa

For Davar, art is a language through which she communicates. She says: "My paintings display the different moods of the artist that I derive from my own experiences and the life around me. I would never like anyone to say anything bad about them. I never want to draw flak for my work because I paint what I feel." 

For the upcoming exhibition, she has painted oil on canvas. "My work is divided into three themes -- flower, figurative and abstract. They are full of colours. I handle colours very carefully and focus on portraying a
pleasant balance between the surroundings and the figures in the paintings. One thing different about this exhibition is that all the paintings are women oriented." So, go out this weekend as you relax in the sheer visual delight.

On: October 28-31
At: India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road
Timings: 11 am-8 pm
Ring: 24641853