Dear Diana,
I knew this guy during my student days. He used to try and initiate a conversation with me, but I sort of sent the signals that I was not too keen on talking to him. I played difficult to get. He even told me that he really liked me. At that point my best friend thought he was a bit weird, so I played even more hard to get. He still tried to be friendly with me, but I would avoid him. He even wrote a lovely letter to me about friendship and relationships which I still have. After a while, he stopped talking to me. We went our ways and got busy with our careers. Last month at a college reunion, I met him again. We began from where we had left off. I realised that I had feelings for him. We did not discuss the past. We exchanged numbers and said we would keep in touch. He seemed genuine and nice. I now realise what he means to me. Is it too late to let him know how I feel?
— Janice

Dear Diana
Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Janice,
It is not too late. Pick up the phone and call him. Considering that you did not show interest in him earlier, he gave up. This is the reason he said that he would wait for your call. He wants you to make the first move now. It is clear that the guy is still interested in you. Now you have to make up your mind. In the past, your best friend influenced your decisions. You are now older and wiser and can seen the situation in a more mature manner. Listen to your heart and not your friend now. She may have had her reasons to tell you not to get close to him. You have been given a second chance. So first get to know him and then decide whether he is only a pal or more than that. This is what the guy was trying to do years ago, but you did not give him a chance to get to know you. So now make up for the lost time.