'I still long for her...'

Mar 19, 2016, 06:09 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I had an affair with this girl at my previous workplace. It lasted for about six months. I was married and so was she, so we knew we were playing with fire. We knew it would take us no where and only cause havoc in our respective families. She would often suffer from guilt pangs. Whenever she reminded me about my wife and kids, I would get angry at her. I felt she was the best woman I ever met. She gave me a sense of peace. She was patient and caring. She wanted nothing. I had never felt like this before even though I had my share of relationships. The affair is long over, but I can't get her out of my head. I long for her touch. What should I do? It has been so many years and we have not been in touch, but I cannot forget her. Often, I feel like meeting her, but then I feel I should not. I also wonder if she remembers me and still cares for me.
— Dharam

Dear Diana

Dear Dharam,
You found someone special and this woman seems to have filled your life with happiness. She is still stuck in your memory because you have allowed yourself to be in that position. You two were indulging in an extra-marital affair, so sooner or later, you would have been caught causing an upheaval in your life. You have not been in touch with her, but you are still pining for her. The time you spent with her must have been memorable which you do not want to let go, but there is no point trying to get in touch with her again. She used to keep reminding you of the guilt pangs, so let her be. Why do you want to mess up your marital life? Let her remain happy wherever she is. Meanwhile, you should get going with your life as she has and keep all thoughts about her at bay.

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