Dear Diana,
I split with my guy three years ago, but I still can't get over him. I really don't know what went wrong, but we just drifted away. He just stopped talking to me. I asked him, but he did not give a proper reply. May be I did not seek closure that is why I still think of him. If only he had told me exactly what went wrong, I could have come to terms with it. My feelings for him have not changed in the last two years. They say time heals, but I keep thinking of him and wondering what he is up to. I wonder if he, too, thinks about me. All this is making me depressed and the only person I want to talk to about this is my ex But I know I can't. Will I ever get over him? A pal of mine who knows him says that there is another woman on his scene. This is making me even more depressed.
— Reeva

Illustraion/Amit Bandre
Illustraion/Amit Bandre 

Dear Reeva,
Seeking closure could have enabled you to come to terms with it. This did not happen, so you have to disconnect yourself from that phase of your life. If what your pal says is true that there is another woman in his life, this should be a reason enough for you to detest him after what he did to you. Get this in your head that he walked out on you because he did not care for you. You gave your undivided attention to a guy who was not worthy of it. You are still living in the hope that he will come back to you. This is not going to happen. One way of keeping any thoughts about him at bay is to keep yourself busy. The faster you move on in life the better for you. The next time you start thinking of him, just tell yourself this man dumped you — so why should you even care for this man who treated you like this.