I still prefer to have the toss in Tests: Steve Waugh

Sep 15, 2015, 08:32 IST | PTI

Bangalore: Former Australia captain Steve Waugh yesterday denied of backing fellow countryman Ricky Ponting's demand of getting rid of toss before a Test match, stating that he would prefer the system to remain as it is.

Steve Waugh
Steve Waugh 

Recently it was reported in a section that Waugh is against spin of coin but the former great said that he was taken out of context.

"Someone asked me about the toss off-the-cuff. I said I prefer to see the toss to stay as it is. I was taken out of context. What I said was it is not a bad idea, but still prefer having a toss," Waugh said during a promotional event.

Steve Waugh said he supported Javed Miandad, who opposed calls given by Ricky Ponting and Michael Holding to do away with toss.

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