'I thought he loved me...'

Dear Diana,
I regret being with this man who I thought loved me. He promised me a future with him. I was so blinded by his love that I could not realise what type of a guy he was. He proved to be a jerk. I gave him a lot of my time and worked on building the relationship. I thought it was for keeps, but I was sadly mistaken. A while back, I felt I needed time away from him, we argued and he just walked away. It was me who went to him, made amends and apologised. Little did I know that this would give him an upperhand to treat me like a doormat. First, came the verbal abuse and then the physical abuse. I would cry and be upset all the while. One day, I thought to myself why was I taking all this humiliation from this man? I decided to walk off. He never tried to contact me. It has been two months now. I am seething with anger. How do I overcome this anger at him for leading me on. He was not real, he never loved me — it was all games for him. I will never be a fool in love again.
– Reshma

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Reshma,
As it is only two months since you decided to walk out on him, you need time to heal your broken heart. You were so blinded in love that you did not see his true self. Your anger and frustration is justified because this guy used you according to his convenience. You were there for a purpose. If he really loved you and cared for you, he would not have resorted to abusing you. Instead of writhing in anger, you will have to move on. This man has not bothered to get in touch with you. It is clear that he is not interested in you. The faster you move on, the better it will be for you. When you feel down in the dumps, remember this guy was not worth it. So why even mourn the loss?

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