I usually get scared: Braveheart who saved Mumbai shopkeeper's life

mid-day tracked down the brave man who overpowered a sword-wielding goon and saved a Chembur shopkeeper’s life on Tuesday; Nasiruddin Mansuri (45), a tailor, said he usually gets scared very easily and that he believes Allah gave him the strength to intervene

“I’m no braveheart. I usually get scared very easily and tend to avert my gaze when fights break out, because I can’t stand bloodshed. I have no idea what got into me that day. Allah gave me the strength to save the man’s life,” said Nasiruddin Mansuri (45) who overpowered a sword-wielding man and saved a Chembur shopkeeper’s life on Tuesday night. (Read Story: Braveheart comes to shopkeeper's aid, overpowers sword-wielding goon)

Nasiruddin Mansuri
Nasiruddin Mansuri

“In fact, while I wasn’t thinking of anything at the time when I actually overpowered the goon, I couldn’t sleep that night, because I was trembling thinking what could have happened had the man attacked me as well,” added Mansuri.

Nasiruddin Mansuri yesterday and in action on Tuesday night
Nasiruddin Mansuri yesterday and in action on Tuesday night

mid-day had reported yesterday how Rajnish Singh Thakur (36), a physically challenged shopkeeper was attacked with a sword on Tuesday night for daring to raise his voice against a group of druggies who used to extort money from nearly 200 shopkeepers on the threat of violence and arson.

His brother Manish had said that had it not been for a customer who stopped druggie Aslam Shaikh (28), and got him arrested, Rajnish would not have been alive.

Saving the oppressed
We managed to track down the braveheart yesterday. Mansuri, a tailor who works in a garment company, had gone to the shop to get a recharge for his phone when Shaikh attacked Rajnish.

“I had gone to the shop to get a recharge, when a man with a sword came out of nowhere and started slashing at the shopkeeper. I had no time to think. I just did what I felt at the time, which was to save a man from dying,” said Mansuri.

“I don’t know where I got that much strength from, because I think of myself as a coward and can’t stand bloodshed. I feel the Almighty Allah helped me overpower the man. Islam teaches us to help the oppressed and stand up to oppressors. I think I did what should have been done. It was an act done in the heat of the moment,” added Mansuri.

‘Eternally grateful’
The Thakurs, meanwhile, say they will be forever grateful to Mansuri and plan to felicitate him. “We cannot repay Mansuri bhai for what he has done. We have seen the CCTV footage of how he overpowered the man without thinking of his own safety.

He could have left the shop or could have sat in a corner, as he was just a customer, but he showed exemplary courage and saved my brother’s life,” said Manish Singh Thakur, the victim’s brother.

“We are waiting for my brother to get discharged from the hospital, after which we will felicitate Mansuri bhai and also give him a token of appreciation for his bravery and what he has done for us,” added Manish.

One more held
While four of the six accused, including the sword-wielding Aslam Shaikh had been arrested by Wedesday, two were absconding. One of the absconders was picked up by the Tilak Nagar police yesterday and the hunt is on for the sole absconding accused.

  • Sandeep14-Aug-2015

    Nasirbhai...the brave at heart comes out at such unplanned incidents...and not like what we see on the TV shows...Hats off to you....We are proud of you

  • Narasimhan15-Aug-2015

    Great show of solidarity from a Muslim bhai to a Hindu man. Islam and all religion preach tolerance and brotherly relation will all. Only few fringe elements on both sides infuse hatred towards others. Let all Hindus and Muslims of our nation solute the brave heart and pledge on this auspicious day that they will maintain a cordial realation among all. Additionally do not allow any politician to dictate us in these matter.

  • Ramji Patel16-Aug-2015

    This Brave heart Mansuribhai without hesitance rushed to save the owner of the SHOP putting his own life at great risk . THIS ACT WAS SPONTANEOUS which came from his heart and true character in him to HELP THE PERSON IN NEED OF HELP. IF HE EVEN WAITED FOR 5 minutes .The disable owner would have lost his limb or WE AS INDIAN CITIZEN AND A MESSAGE TO THE BJP/ VHP/RSS/ SHIV SENA ( the Paper tigers) "darpook " our MUSLIM BROTHERS ARE VERY GOOD CITIZEN , MOST HONOURABLE, MORE SINCERE

  • Meraj16-Aug-2015

    Masha Allah , You are the Hero , Good Job

  • Rajesh Bhardwaj14-Aug-2015

    Nasirbhai, hats off to you for the extreme bravery exhibited by you. It is in moments such as this that God gives strength to intervene. More Indians should follow your example.

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