I've become half-journo, half-lawyer: Aditya Pancholi

It was another gloomy day for actor Aditya Pancholi, as he stepped out of the courtroom after Additional Sessions Judge S R Jagtap turned down the bail application of his son Sooraj, who has been accused of abetting Jiah Khan’s suicide.

Aditya Pancholi
Dejected: Aditya Pancholi was in shock after his son Sooraj’s bail plea was rejected yesterday

Despite attempts made by Sooraj’s lawyers -- C K Talekar and Zameer Khan -- to secure bail, his application was rejected.

Before entering the court, Aditya Pancholi discussed and expressed his point of view on the case.

“I have become half-lawyer, half-investigative journalist in the last few days. I wanted Jiah Khan’s handwriting sample. I immediately rang Nari Hira (MD of Magna Publishing) who agreed to help me. She had contributed to ‘These are a Few of my Favourite Things’, a regular column, in the December 2006 issue of the Stardust. While the handwriting samples from Stardust matched the letters she wrote to Sooraj, they failed to match with the six-page love letter Jiah’s sister discovered. That letter is totally concocted,” said the Bollywood actor Pancholi.

He added, “I sent samples of her handwriting and a copy of the six-page letter to the forensic Lab in Chandigarh, and also to a lab in the US. I even went to other handwriting experts. Every report states that the two samples do not match.”

Prison stay
“My son is doing well. I met him in the jail recently. Apparently, the inmates were surprised when they realised what he had been accused of. And when they recognised who he was, he was treated well. Nobody harmed him. In fact, inmates decided to give him their home-cooked food as well,” said Pancholi.

“My son is a strong boy. Moreover, he knows that he is innocent. That gives him strength.

She (Jiah) was a nice girl. I didn’t know of their relationship but came to know about it via newspapers. I think she was disturbed. There was so much pressure on her (to become an actor). There could be so many other reasons for her suicide. I hope my son gets bail,” he said.

Even a blind person can tell handwriting differs: Nari Hira
Corroborating Pancholi’s claims that the two handwriting samples he collected failed to match, Hira said, “Jiah had contributed to our regular column, ‘These are a Few of my Favourite Things’ that was written in her own handwriting in December 2006. That was a long time ago. Pancholi sought my help and came all the way down to see me. The poor chap was upset and broke down several times. I saw the handwriting samples myself. Even a blind person can see that the handwriting in the letter given by Rabiya Khan does not match with what Jiah wrote in 2006.”  

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